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How can you find your ideal Colchester Vermont and Lake Champlain Property? Any way you like. This site allows you to Search by Interactive Map which lets you click on areas that interest you.

You can Quick Search Colchester or Waterfront Properties or search by specific Price Range. You can also look for only Single Family Homes or Condos.

You can even search all properties in the entire Northern New England System.  If you don't know where to start, then visit our main Colchester Vermont Homes Search Page to view all our search possibilities.

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What’s happening in and around Colchester…


Most Recommended Service Providers

In the real estate business I am constantly asked for recommendations of all kinds of home services providers. From home inspectors to plumbers or attorneys to insurance agents, there are all kinds of services needed before, during and after the purchase or sale of a home. While I am not allowed to specifically “recommend” particular individuals or […]


Calculating The Value Solar Panels Add To A Home

Question: I was recently asked by a Colchester home owner if there is a commonly accepted formula in Vermont for calculating the value that solar panels add to a home, and if someone has solar panels on their home that are offsetting their power needs by 100%, what value would that be in an appraisal. Answer: […]


Sellers – Expect The Unexpected

You’ve signed the listing agreement and you’re excited to sell your home. Slow down, take a deep breath. There’s some things you should know. Learn to expect the unexpected and if it never happens you’ll be pleasantly surprised but, when it does, you’ll be ready and able to calmly move on. Showing Stage: You should […]


Sell Your Home Like A Pro

Home Staging is a concept often overlooked or considered not worth the investment by many home sellers. Statistics consistently show that staged homes sell faster and for more money than non staged homes. Following is a great info-graphic on Home Staging Statistics. Thinking of selling? Contact us for home staging tips to sell your home […]


Do you Think Real Estate Agents Make Too Much Money?

How much do real estate agents make? I get this question on a regular basis. Most people have a distorted view of what we make because they don’t understand or realize the cost of our investment. This recent infographic released by Point2 Agent (a website provider to real estate agents) gives an excellent insight as to […]